*L E A*

"this picture speaks a thousand words"

This lavender bush with all these beautiful flowers are all meant for you Lea.
We miss you more and more every day.
With all our love, we wish you a peaceful and happy birthday!
Zia Antoinette, Renzo, Marco, Julia, Lisa, Justin, Theo & Jasper


It was 6 o'clock when we went to St. Mary's Hospital.
The contractions were getting stronger.
In a million years I could never have imagined how lucky
I was to be carrying one of the most beautiful and precious
soul sent to me by God.
I thank God for sending me the biggest treasure in his possession.
A beautiful soul with so much love and caring. When you came into
the world I could not believe how beautiful you were and you continued
being more and more beautiful everyday. Through the years it was
always consistent, your love just grew and grew and your kindness
just multiplied everywhere you went. On this day which is your
41st birthday I want you to know how much we love you. How much
we miss you is not measurable. You are strong and always survived
any circumstance. We miss you every day, you are in our hearts all
the time. One day, we know we will be with you for eternity.

Love you Forever,
Mom Dad Mia and Howie

The world is changing from year to year
but our love for you stays the same.
You're always in my heart.
I hear your sweet voice. I miss you.

July 13th, 2017

Dear Lea,
On your birthday, I want to focus on gratitude.
I am grateful that we are not only cousins, but best friends,
a rare bond that very few get to experience in a lifetime.
I am grateful for the many, many moments we shared;
happy, funny, crazy and sad. These moments sustain
me when I miss your presence.
These moments taught me what is most important.
They are in my mind, in my heart, and they will never go away.
I am grateful for you. In your light, I remind myself
that love is all that really matters.
I wish I could give you this card in person,
but I know and believe that you are guiding me,
continuing to love me in a way I never thought was possible.
I love you beyond words,

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Celine Dion

You're my life's one Miracle,
Everything I've done that's good
And you break my heart with tenderness,
And I confess it's true
I never knew a love like this till you....

You're the reason I was born
Now I finally know for sure
And I'm overwhelmed with happiness
So blessed to hold you close
The one that I love most
With all the future has so much for you in store
Who could ever love you more?

The nearest thing to heaven,
You're my angel from above
Only God creates such perfect looooove

When you smile at me, I cry
And to save your life I'll die
With a romance that is pure heart,
You are my dearest part
Whatever it requires,
I live for your desires
Forget my own, your needs will come before
Who could ever love you more?

Well there is nothing you could ever do,
To make me stop, loving you
And every breath I take,
Is always for your sake
You sleep inside my dreams and know for sure
Who could ever love you more?