whenever you remember me I wish you remember me loving you.
I love you to the depth of my heart and soul. You, my sweet Lea
have taught me the entire purpose of life here on earth.
You have taught me what love is and how deep we can feel because
of knowing and feeling the presence of God within us.
Love is all we have in this world that has any value.
The rest is just a way to profoundly learn the reason
for our existence to prepare us for our next life.
Courage is what I'm striving for everyday to help me
cope with being separated from you physically, although
I know and feel your spirit and your love is always with me.

To the greatest love of my life I say,
thank you and I hold you dear inside me
every second of every day till the end of time,
till I meet you in eternity where we will have
no more pain and suffering and we will just be
able to love each other forever.

Love is Forever

Love is creativity
Love is grieving
Love is beauty flowing through you
Love is kindness
Love is spaciousness
Love is patience
Love is depth
Love is holy
Love is awareness
Love is gratitude
Love is forgiveness
Love is all we need.

These loving qualities that each of us must
strive to achieve are qualities that I
always saw in you and you always shared with us.
How we all miss you and love you back.

Be still and lay aside all thoughts of what you
are, what God is, all concepts you have learned
about the world, images you hold about yourself.
Forget this world and come with holy empty hands
unto your God. Jesus says, simply do this.
We need to surrender and to let God find us.
Stop trying to find God. God the father knows
the way to his son. We must seek that one
recognition, that one understanding, to hold
still and allow this one glorious moment of
holy joining. Allow all of these things to
fall away so the Father may find the Son at
last. This is one moment of awakening, being
with God, in his presence and allowing strength
to flow through us. This is the legacy I
feel from Lea. A love so deep that can only
be transmitted through God.

Lea, what do I feel when I think of you?
I want to be the best of myself that I can be.
I feel comforted and loved so deeply by you.
I feel a great peace when I know you are with me.

I feel such love that words alone cannot come close to
describing these feelings. I miss you my beautiful Lea.
You have given me so much and continue to give me every
moment of every day. Thank you for everything we shared
and thank you for allowing me to feel real love.

Why wait for heaven? The peace of God is shining in us now.
This is the moment that we choose to know that we are home.
We are enlightened. There is no need to wait for everything
that we could desire, any truth that is already ours is
shining this very moment. We need to do nothing but allow
the beauty of our inner spaciousness to expand and join with
God so we can feel at home in his presence.

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When I'm Gone
Joey And Rory

A bright sunrise will contradict the
heavy fault that weighs you down
In spite of all the funeral songs
The birds will make their joyful sounds
You wonder why the earth still moves
You wonder how you'll carry on
But you'll be okay on that first day when I'm gone
Dusk will come with fireflies and
whippoorwill and crickets call
And every star will take its place
And silvery gown and purple shawl
You'll lie down in our big bed
Dread the dark and dread the dawn
But you'll be alright on that first night when I'm gone
You will reach for me in vain.
You'll be whispering my name
As if sorrow were your friend
And this world so alien
But life will call with daffodil
And morning glorious blue skies
You'll think of me some memory
And softly smile to your surprise
And even though you love me still
You will know where you belong
Just give it time we'll both be fine
When I'm gone.